Casting Call: Straight White Men by Young Jean Lee

Posted on Jun 6, 2019
ITSAZOO is excited to announce we’re looking to hire two performers for our upcoming production of Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men presented at the Gateway Theatre, February 6th-15th, 2020.

Character Breakdown: 
Person in Charge 1 and 2 are the creators of this theatre experience. They greet the audience off the top and set the stage, literally and figuratively. It is through their eyes that we see this play. We are looking for highly collaborative artists who are intrigued by the idea of interrogating identity and putting straight, white, maleness under a microscope. There will be an opportunity for both performers to collaborate on their own text as it should be reflective of their true identity. 

Person in Charge 1 – transgender or nonbinary performer of color with “an abundance of natural charm” (as described by Young Jean Lee in the script). 

Person in Charge 2 – transgender or nonbinary performer of Indigenous descent with “an abundance of natural charm” (as described by Young Jean Lee in the script). It would be ideal if this performer was Musqueam. 

Please note that no acting or theatre training is required. 

About the Play: 
When Young Jean Lee sought to examine “whiteness” she decided to do so within the traditional confines of a well-made-play – what Lee calls “the straight white man of theatre forms.” But she complicates this format by using a provocative framing device: two queer, gender nonconforming people of colour, one of whom is Indigenous to the land on which the play is performed (Person in Charge 1 & 2), create a naturalistic theatre environment. They employ four straight white male actors to carry out the show which tells the story of Ed and his three adult sons who come together to celebrate Christmas. They enjoy cheerful trash-talking, pranks, and Chinese takeout. All of which is peppered with casual homophobia, misogyny, and racism. However, this is a progressive liberal family. They’re aware of their transgressions and weaponize them against each other. The central conflict revolves around eldest brother Matt: a once a handsome, highly successful alpha male who has rejected the pursuit of success to be a caregiver for his father and work a menial job at an NGO – a lifestyle that takes up as little “space” as possible and appears decidedly “feminine”. His family can’t fathom why he would make such a choice. 

Straight White Men will be performed on the Gateway Mainstage as a part of their 2019/20 season. It will be co-directed by Chelsea Haberlin and Fay Nass.

To submit, please send a headshot or photo and resume or a paragraph expressing any past experience to Chelsea Haberlin at with the subject: “Straight White Men Audition Submission”. If you feel so compelled we’d love to hear about why you’re interested in this project in your submission.

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement:ITSAZOO welcomes and encourages submissions from artists of diverse backgrounds and identities.

Submission deadline: 6/17/2019 
Submission email:
Contact Name: Chelsea Haberlin 
Phone: 778-888-2435 
Company website: 

ITSAZOO Productions acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia