Audition Posting: The Café

Posted on Aug 16, 2021

Produced by ITSAZOO Productions and Aphotic Theatre
Directed by Chelsea Haberlin and Fay Nass

Artistic Director or casting person in attendance: Chelsea Haberlin, Sebastien Archibald, and Fay Nass
Deadline to submit: August 23, 2021
Email applications to:
Contact name: Paige Louter
Agreement: Indie 2.2

ITSAZOO creates dynamic, immersive theatre events for daring audiences. Past productions include Straight White Men, WET, The Pipeline Project (co-produced with Savage Society), The Competition is Fierce, Killer Joe (Winner of the 2014 Jessie for Outstanding Production Small Theatre), and Mojo.

Aphotic Theatre is committed to creating vital and innovative performance, with an emphasis on developing new plays written and/or created by women, women of color, and queer/QTPOC (Queer, Trans, People of Color).

ITSAZOO and Aphotic hope to receive applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, gender-identification, sexual orientation, class and physical ability.

Audition Dates:
August 31, 2021

Tentative Dates:
Rehearsal: January 3-21, 2022
Performance: January 22-February 22, 2022

About the Play:
The Café is a day-in-the-life exploration of the cultural mosaic of a Vancouver coffee shop with 7 different scenes by 9 different playwrights staged site specifically for a roving audience.

Intimately sized audiences of 30 people per performance are encouraged to sit at or near one of seven “performance tables” and watch a play unfold mere inches away from them. Audience members are free to stay at one table and watch a scene reach its conclusion or wander around the coffee shop and experience other scenes – a narrative choose-your-own-adventure. The Café seeks to blur the line between art and reality by decreasing the proximity between actors and audience, welcoming them into a story – a conversation, an experience, a life – that may be at once completely familiar and totally foreign.

For more info on The Café please visit:

Casting for the Following Roles:
ALEX, 45, NON-BINARY, masculine presenting, AD of an art gallery and practising BDSM. (She/her pronouns)

BENOÎT, MALE, 60S to 70S, FRENCH CANADIEN, White. Estranged from his Anglophone son. Some French speaking required.

YUMI, FEMALE, LATE 30S TO MID-40S, Japanese and speaks Japanese fluently, creative and spiritual, funny and fun, a dedicated friend. 

KWAME THOMAS, MALE, LATE 30S, Afro-Canadian, married to Andee

MAX, reserved and pragmatic. For the roles of MAX and ALEX, we are seeking queer, trans, and non-binary performers between ages of 20-40.

ALEX, direct, stubborn. For the roles of MAX and ALEX, we are seeking queer, trans, and non-binary performers between ages of 20-40.

Submission Info:
To submit, please send a headshot and resume and indicate the role(s) you are interested in to Paige Louter at with the subject: “Cafe Audition Submission”. Only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

ITSAZOO Productions acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia