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Sunrise Betties tickets now on sale! 

Sunrise Betties

By Cheyenne Rouleau

an immersive theatre event
February 21st to March 10, 2024


ITSAZOO Productions creates immersive, dynamic theatre events for daring audiences. We support this with four core values: Immersion, Risk, Fun, and Community. Whether it’s a fly-on-the-wall, immersive experience or a participatory, site specific event, we can create theatre for anyone, anytime, anywhere. We don’t want our audience to just watch the story. We want our audience to experience the world of the story; to live through it.

In Development 2024/25

Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
A collision course of Ambition, Identity and Profit. 

This incendiary play follows four millennials struggling for success in the toxic world of publishing. An average workday takes a horrific turn when a co-worker commits a random act of violence. Now, the witnesses are left to figure out one thing…who gets to profit?

“This is immersive theatre—more immersive than any virtual-reality experience I’ve tried. There’s no stage because everything is the stage.”

– Darren Barefoot, Georgia Straight Review for Wet


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ITSAZOO Productions is a non-profit incorporated society and registered charity. Donations accepted through Canada Helps.