The Pipeline Project at The Talking Stick Festival

Posted on Feb 8, 2015


Chelsea here. Two years ago John Cooper, theatre director and my professor at the time, came to me with a desire to do something about the Northern Gateway Enbridge pipeline. The thing that we do is make plays. So we gathered a group of artists (Sebastien Archibald, Kevin Loring, Tim Matheson and Quelemia Sparrow) that each had different skills as artists and different takes on the topic as humans and together we ventured down the road of creation.

The show asks the question: should we allow Enbridge to build a pipeline to ship oil through British Columbia? It’s inspired by Extract: The Pipeline Wars by the Vancouver Observer and we’ve used a combination of personal stories and verbatim text to explore the complexity of this issue at a human level. It’s something I think really matters.
Now we have a script that’s ready to see an audience and we hope you’ll come out. It’s early days and we would love an audience to play off of, probe us with questions and provide us with feedback about this show that tackles a topic affecting every Canadian.

Join us at The Talking Stick Festival on February 22, 2015 at 7:30pm at The Roundhouse (181 Roundhouse Mews) for the reading and stay after for the talkback to have a chance to share thoughts and ask questions.

The show is being associate produced by Neworld Theatre and The Vancouver Observer. Huge thank you to them for their support!


ITSAZOO Productions acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia