“Fun, Friends and Fabulous”…Meet Devon Taylor

Posted on Jun 30, 2010

Devon Taylor has been with ITSAZOO from day one.  For the past few years she’s been the one behind the camera (as well as designing programs, running the bar, doing front of house and on and on).  You may recognize some of the photos she’s taken for our shows…

The Road to Canterbury 2009

Robin Hood 2010

 Meet Devon Taylor – Production assistant extraordinaire!

Tell me a bit about yourself 
I grew up in Vancouver and then travelled across the mighty ocean and went to school at UVIC. I studied theatre and majored in acting. When I realized that being an actor probably wouldn’t pay the bills, I started selling knives. Yes, knives. When the money ran out there, after I went to Europe, I decided to go to BCIT where I studied Broadcast Journalism. I now works at CKNW Radio in Vancouver and love that even though I’m not a practicing actor anymore, I have the chance to work with an amazing and talented crew that is ITSAZOO. 
Tell me a bit about your involvement with ITSAZOO
I started out just designing programs for ITSAZOO and then got hooked! All of my best friends were involved in the company so I couldn’t helped but be ‘suckered in’ to being a Front of House Manager, Box Office Worker, Program Designer and Production Photographer. By taking on all of this responsibility I have the chance to work with my friends while having a creative outlet in an industry that I LOVE!
What’s your favourite thing about theatre?
EVERYTHING! I love the freedom, the challenge, the feedback from the audience, the roaming shows we do, the costumes, the excitement, and the unexpected! I will NEVER forget last summer during “The Road to Canterbury” when a swat team, plain clothed officers, 10-15 police cars and a police helicopter were called in because of a ‘gunmen on the loose in the park.’ That ‘gunman’ was AN ACTOR! I guess the two people who called in forgot to tell the cops that there were 70 people following the gunmen around the park too! Oh, and to top it all off, the audience got a chance to watch a dog poop on Geoffery Chaucer’s pretend grave at the end of the show! They had to tell its owner to clean up after their dog! Oh theatre, how I love thee.
 When I say ‘ITSAZOO’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Fun, friends and fabulous!

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  1. Christine
    June 30, 2010

    Fabulous indeed! I always love itsazoo’s photos, so it’s fun to meet the person behind the lens!


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