Death of a Clown Photos

Posted on Oct 14, 2010

Tonight is the opening of Death of a Clown at the Phoenix Theatre.  We have had a really awesome amount of tech time for this show – more than we’ve ever had before and will probably ever get again.  We had time for a full Q to Q, a tech run, a tech dress, a dress, two previews and countless hours of tech notes.  Anyone in theatre can appreciate what an unbelievable luxury that is.  Needless to say we’re feeling ready, and excited!

We are especially grateful for all of that tech time because we have a pretty tech heavy show – lots of projections, video, tons of sound and over 100 lighting cues.  We needed time.

Here’a a sneak peak at the show.  These beautiful photos were taken by Jon Faulknor and I think they really capture the heart of the piece.



The Boss Presents 'Nico Tots' to the Press



Happy clowns!



Anna and Roy – a clown love story


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