November, 2008 A Festival of New One-Act Plays at Havana Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Milmish by Rachel Aberle (Vancouver). Directed by Quinn Harris, Milmish is half-frog/half human. Her father accepts her for who she is, but her mother wants her to ‘evolve’ and be more human, so she sends her to UnSchool, where Milmish learns to eat real food, not flies, and to walk instead of hop. She befriends a new student, Greg, who is gay, and the two of them are cast in a morality play at school. But will they believe their own propaganda?

Five Red Balloons by Mack Gordon (Kelowna). Directed by Chelsea Haberlin, Inmates of a mental asylum perform a play-within-a-play about the end of the world. “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Reality and fiction blur in this surreal, apocalyptic world.

Indiana Jones and the Wannabe Nemesis by Duncan Patterson (Ottawa). Directed by Colby Wilson, Professor Bennett has been obsessed with Indiana Jones since he was 7 and had tonsillitis and had to stay home during spring break. His dad rented him the Indie trilogy, and he was hooked. But superheroes make life look effortless, and as he grows up, he learns that the reality of life is not like The Raiders of the Lost Ark. A touching and hysterical coming-of-age story.

Baggage written and directed by Sebastien Archibald (Montreal). Everyone has baggage. We all know it, we just don’t talk about it. On this first date, the Man and the Woman physically bring their baggage along, producing a steady stream of exes, families, likes and dislikes, and even some porn. Is it better to show your baggage up front, or would that make it impossible for any relationship to thrive?


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