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By Sebastien Archibald
Directed by Chelsea Haberlin
June 2007/July 2008 Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC
they begin to discover “the woods are lovely, dark and deep”.


“Don’t miss your chance to see what will surely be the most memorable show of the summer. Grimm Tales is one of those rare productions that puts a smile on your face from the get-go and keeps it there all the way home.”— John Threlfall, Monday Magazine

Grimm Tales takes audiences on a magical journey through the Enchanted Forest with rookie tour guides Hansel and Gretel on their first day of work for the Greater Enchanted Forestry Board. Along the way they encounter the fascinating inhabitants of the fantastical fairytale kingdom. Underscored and accompanied by the Bremen Town Musicians, audiences are re-introduced to the classic tales of the Frog Prince, Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel and Briar Rose in a farcical and contemporary context. However, when Hansel and Gretel find themselves off of the assigned path and lost, they begin to discover “the woods are lovely, dark and deep”.


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