Meet the Bridge Mix Companies – Round 3

Posted on Jun 7, 2011

The Bridge Mix pay-what-you-can preview is tomorrow night!  We had our first tech last night and it went really well. It was awesome to see and hear all of the fantastic shows these companies have put together.  You’ve heard about 6 of the Bridge Mix companies now you get a chance to meet the final 3:

Monster Creative Presents Punch Kiss

A creation piece inspired by ‘Y: the last man’, dancing, ritual, costume parties, girl gangs, and the coming rapture.

Company Bio

Monster Creative: is the the super group created when fringe veterans Monster Theatre & annual festival Here Be Monsters join forces. Monster Theatre (Ryan Gladstone, Artistic Director) has been creating original theatre for over ten years, earning the unofficial title ‘darling of the Canadian fringe circuit’. Here Be Monsters (Heather Lindsay, Artistic Producer, Jeff Gladstone, Artistic Director) established an annual festival of theatre creation in 2006 and have showcased literally hundreds of BC theatre music & visual artists over the years. Upcoming events include the Monster Hash fundraiser on August 21, and the 6th HBM Festival October 27-30. This creation piece will be directed by Jeff Gladstone & Heather Lindsay and created with Monsters & the ensemble.

Participating Artists

Jeff Gladstone & Heather Lindsay: Directors

Ryan Gladstone & Tara Travis: Consultants

Melanie Wickes: Script development

Jesse Toso: Set, Props, Video

Angie Descalzi: Cast, Stage Management

Cast: Jayme Burke, Riel Hahn, Frances Kitson, Amy J Lester, Angie Descalzi

Delinquent Theatre Presents Parked: An Indie Rock Musical with Novelty Instruments

Parked: An Indie Rock Musical with Novelty Instruments is a whimsical and wistful look into the day-dreams of strangers.  Featuring the work of 7 emerging theatre artists and musicans, Parked explores the humor of our inner lives, and how real life can disappoint as we settle for second best.  Some things are better said with a ukulele.

Company Bio

Delinquent Theatre seeks to unite good theatre and good times.  Delinquent Theatre’s debut production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead enjoyed a sold-out run of the Havana in the summer of 2009.  The following summer, Delinquent’s production of Franz Wedekin’s Spring Awakening received critical praise.  Recently, Delinquent produced Christine Quintana’s original one-act Our Time with support from Theatre at UBC.  This summer, Delinquent Theatre will present Josephine Mitchell’s Oh My God as part of the 2011  Vancouver International Fringe Festival.  Delinquent Theatre is Laura McLean, Christine Quintana, and whoever else comes out to play

Participating Artists

Meaghan Chenosky, Brian Cochrane, Ira Cooper, Mishelle Cuttler, Alexander Keurvorst, Britt MacLeod, Christine Quintana

411 Presents Exhibit A

How do we deal with criminals that have no empathy? Exhibit A frames the performers’ questions  surrounding the 2010 murder of Kimberly Proctor with news articles and publicly released transcripts.

Company Bio

411 is a new dramaturgy-focused company led by Artistic Director Melanie Moore. The company focuses on adaptations of existing works and real words, also known as “verbatim” theatre. Aside from producing, 411 offers dramaturgical outreach and support to other companies and playwrights. 411’s next show, The Almost Complete Works of Hip-Hop Shakespeare (a co-production with Enlightenment Theatre), blends the most memorable plays of the Shakespearean canon with classic hip-hop tracks from artists such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Kanye West – in an effort to shake up perceptions of both forms.

Participating Artists

written by Melanie Moore

performed by Melanie Moore and James Avramenko

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