Posted on Sep 21, 2010

This Friday, September 24th at 8pm, Katie Hood will perform a
workshop reading of her new play, “The Animal Show” at Carousel
Theatre. Admission is pay-what-you-can, suggested donation of $5, and
it will be a licensed event (art + beer = awesome!). Here is a summary
from her on the piece and why she has decided to develop this work
through ITSAZOO:

“The Animal Show” has been in existence in some form for years. I
spent my time developing this storytelling voice for the many animals I had encountered in my years of Animal Rescue. My two passions in life
are theatre and animals, and both seem to conflict in one way or
another (one cannot feed/care for as many pets as I have without a full-time job to keep them in a life of luxury!). But there was a curiosity and engagement from others as I
would tell them stories of rescuing bald eagles or saving cats hit by
cars and so on. People wanted to hear these stories, they wanted to know: who cares for abandoned animals? Also, exploring the human condition ,I found the
conflict in having great power and responsibility for the lives of
beings who cannot speak for themselves.

One thing I strive for in art, through the people I work with and the
projects I perform in, is a sense of responsibility. I have
thoroughly enjoyed Itsazoo’s productions for this reason. From being a
part of their shows to watching them grow as a company, I greatly
admire their dedication to new artists, exploring social themes, and
challenging their audiences to create change.

In that respect, I thought this piece was perfect for them; our view of the animals in our world is one that needs more
discussion, from our pithy animal cruelty laws to the belief that
pets are disposable.

I hope you join us in the development of a work that celebrates the
four and two-legged animals around us!”

Katie Hood is just in town for a few days from Toronto and this is the one and only opportunity to see her perform while she’s here.  Hope to see you all there.

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