A sexy and violent futuristic satire.

A new play by Sebastien Archibald

Location: The Shop Theatre
March 4-22, 2015

A nebbish corporate lackey is forced to compete against a handsome loner for a high profile job in a battle to the death. A psychopathic CEO, a deranged executive, and a subversive administrator help round out the chaos.

Program Notes

“The entire cast is truly outstanding. Special mention in this performance review goes to Cochrane’s nebbishy, eager-to-please corporate climber/devoted son – whose facial expressions, such as disappointed bewilderment, are a thing to behold. Tick the box for exceptional.” -Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail

The Competition is Fierce is a wild and rude ride” -David C Jones, Vancouver Presents

“A fierce, sexy, violent, one-of-a-kind theatre treat.” -Zoe Forsyth, Artslandia Blog

“Dripping with irony, soaked with sex, & awash with wit” -Heather Pawsey (@Astrolabemusik) on Twitter

“loved the whole experience, the cage of a theatre, the intimacy, the danger, the excitement, the titillation, the jokes.” -Marion & Louis via email



Chelsea Haberlin, director/producer
Sebastien Archibald, writer/producer
Jessica Nelson, assistant director/production assistant
Yvonne Yip, stage manager
Linzi Voth, ASM
Kougar Basi, technical director
Kyle Sutherlad, scenic carpenter/ATD
Jennifer Stewart, set/props design
Conor Moore, lighting/projection design
Carmen Alatorre, costume design
Cheyenne Mabberley, Makeup/prosthetics design
Matthew MacDonald-Bain, sound design
Olivier Lunardi, fight director
Laura Fukumoto, dresser
Laura Murray PR (Sarah Cruikshank), public relations


Marilyn Norry, Madeline
Chris Cochrane, John
Andrew Wheeler, Carlyle
Rachel Cairns, Claire
Carlo Marks, John 2 


ITSAZOO Productions acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia