Postponed due to COVID 19.

An immersive experience from ITSAZOO and Aphotic Theatre.
Original Concept by Fay Nass.

Co-presented as part of, and created with support by, the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
January 25th to February 5th, 2022


The Café is an invitation to be a voyeur; to eavesdrop on private conversations in public; to witness intimate relationships up close and personal. Seven scenes are being created by nine playwrights of various ethnicities, ages, beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities. With content performed in various languages, The Café is a day-in-the-life exploration of the cultural mosaic of a Vancouver coffee shop.

Intimately sized audiences of 30 people per performance are encouraged to sit at or near one of seven “performance tables” and watch a play unfold mere inches away from them. Audience members are free to stay with one table and watch a scene reach its conclusion or wander around the coffee shop and experience other scenes – a narrative choose-your-own-adventure. The Café seeks to blur the line between art and reality by decreasing the proximity between actors and audience, welcoming them into a story – a conversation, an experience,  a life – that may be at once completely familiar and totally foreign.


Mango Cake
by Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton
A mixed-race couple suddenly faces the underlying racial tension in their marriage.

Father’s Day
by Sebastien Archibald
An elderly francophone man struggles to reconcile with his anglophone son after a 25-year absence. 

50 Cent Lemonade
by Kelsey Kanatan Wavey
An Indigenous woman guides her autistic brother through a tumultuous relationship. 

by Fay Nass & Diana Garcia
In a case of mistaken identity, two women anciently “interview” each other for the wrong (or right?) reasons.  


Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks

by Derek Chan
A single parent attempts to reconnect with their depressive ex-partner. 

Anna’s Story
by Manami Hara

Two best friends console each other in the face of a strained marriage and a family crisis.

by Anais West
A Polish woman struggles to appease her Canadian partner after divulging an uncomfortable secret.


Concept           Fay Nass
Direction         Chelsea Haberlin & Fay Nass
Dramaturgy   Sebastien Archibald & Fay Nass
Stage Management Jenny Kim
Production Management Paige Louter
Costumes Donnie Tejani
Props Ariel Slack


Meghan Hemingway (Mango Cake)
Kwasi Thomas (Mango Cake)
Joey Lespérance (Father’s Day)
Mike Gill (Father’s Day)
Chelsea Rose (50 Cent Lemonade)
Raes Calvert (50 Cent Lemonade)
Alexandra Lainfiesta (Submission)
Jaqueline Korb (Submission)
Melissa Oei (Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks)
KhattieQ (Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks)
Genevieve Fleming (Anna’s Story)
Yumi Ogawa (Anna’s Story)
Julia Siedlanowska (Przyjaciółki)
Claire Love Wilson (Przyjaciółki) 


ITSAZOO Productions acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia