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Posted on Aug 7, 2010

Tent City

Robin Hood has been running for three nights now and it’s off to a great start.  We had a really stacked opening night with more reviewers and artistic directors than we’ve ever had. PRESSURE!

In the interest of preserving transparency I am going to post links to all of the reviews we receive, not just the good ones.  And then we’ll give you our 2 cents about what the reviewers had to say. We’ll call it Call and Response. Seb and I look at reviews as insightful tools for learning and try to engage in an open dialogue with critics whenever possible.  This will be a look into what goes through our heads as Artistic Directors/writer/actor/director when we read a review of our work.

One of our primary goals with a play like this is to engage the audience in a very real way and to start a conversation. This conversation has already begun.  We want to share our opinions and invite you to share yours.

Let’s start with a good one.  Here’s an excerpt from a review by Peter Birnie that was published today in the Vancouver Sun (with a big photo!)

Sebastien Archibald’s script is a mix of the clever and the twee. In keeping with the spirit of political theatre, his characters are all caricatures and the messages are bombastic, and the story of trying to build a Sherwood House for the homeless is so simplistic that kids in the crowd will easily absorb the message that poverty should not be considered a crime.

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Sebastien’s response – I don’t have much to say, it’s just really good. We’re not a Victoria troupe, we started there but have been settled in Vancouver for 3 years now. I think it’s really nice when a critic gets what you’re trying to do and Peter does. That demonstrates the clarity of vision of the production and also the depth of Birnie’s knowledge.
Chelsea’s response -I’m generally pretty happy whenever I’m mentioned in a review. Often times as a director I feel overlooked but that’s happening less and less.  I appreciate that he gave a shout out to the whole cast and feel like he got what we were trying to accomplish with the piece. Peter has been a strong supporter of our summer shows for three years now but evey year says they are too long.  We’re trying Peter but sometimes people just walk really slow! Next year we’re really going to strive for a tight 90 minutes.

Would you like to respond?

Tomorrow we’ll play Call and Response with the review from Gay Vancouver.

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