The Great Outdoors

Posted on Jul 13, 2010

The brave and powerful team!

This weekend Robin Hood moved in to Queen Elizabeth Park after several weeks of rehearsals at the Carousel Theatre studios.  Moving a promenade show in to a park is an awesome process that involves taking the perfectly crafted scenes that were blocked in a nice quiet studio, ripping them apart and reassembling them to suit the outdoor environment.  There are always many moments of hilarity, tension, luck and sheer genius during this initial leap in to the great outdoors.

These first days of outdoor rehearsal involve a lot of these things: sunscreen, running around a giant pond, the gawking public, curious seniors, bug spray, exhausted sighs, sun burns, ice cream man!, more sunscreen, “what are you doing here? Is this some kind of play?”, children walking through scenes and standing way too close to kissing actors (awkward!), avoiding piles of poop, tourists walking through fight scenes to take photos, popsicles, more bug spray, “Colby enter from the stage left bush and Kaitlin come from behind the stage right rock cross left down to this pile of dirt” etc.

Did I mention that it’s a truly unique and magical experience?  We’ve been doing this now for six years and I still love it.

Rebecca Coleman filmed this video in the park this past weekend. I am attempting to tell you why I think you should see Robin Hood.


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    July 14, 2010

    Super video! I got the message in video about the show!


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