Opening night!

Posted on Aug 5, 2010

Robin Hood opens tonight!  It was awesome last night to have our first show in front of an audience. It was a really supportive crowd and we all learned a lot about the show from having it in front of an audience.  With a promenade play the connection with the audience is what makes the show so magic and you don’t know until you have an audience how to really seal the deal.  Last night we were observers of the process and tonight we’re going to connect.

Yesterday there was a comment published in the Province about our article that ran in Sunday’s paper.  I found it very touching and wanted to share it.

Theatre of conscience
By Tracy Scott, The Province August 4, 2010
Reading your ar ticle on ITSAZOO’s alternative production of Robin Hood forced me into deep session of introspection.
In the past two weeks alone, I have spent over $400 on tickets to see some big touring productions currently in Greater Vancouver.
I haven’t given a penny to charity nor a can of food to the Food Bank, or even my pocket change to the unshaven man who wanders the streets near my home.
I’m not alone in this — the government’s behaviour has been eerily similar, but on a much grander scale. The theme of our government and its various systems as of late has been that the impoverished, addicted and homeless are a scourge that ought to be extinguished, or at the very least made to disappear.
In our reality, Robin Hood could never be a hero to the masses. Stealing from the rich to give to the unemployed and impoverished violates capitalism’s deepest rooted tenet — you must work for a living. Robin Hood would be arrested and put in jail.
In the end, I think I’ll add $34 to my summer tab of event tickets and head down to QE Park. They may not have a cast of Tony Award nominees or a big-top tent, but I think the folks at ITSAZOO at least have a conscience.
Tracy Scott, Langley
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Do you agree that Robin Hood could not be a hero to the masses today?
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