Meet the Bridge Mix Companies – Round 2

Posted on Jun 2, 2011

Bridge Mix is opening in a week today. Weeee!  The liquor licenses and insurance have been secured for the magical roving bar, a sponsorship with Phillips has been arranged (yay for Blue Buck!), a sweet program is off to the printers and the 9 shows are all well underway.  Tickets are available online at Brown Paper Tickets and if you’re too broke for that you can attend one of the Pay-What-You-Can shows on any Wednesday during the  run.

So far you’ve met three of the participating companies and now we are excited to present three more:

Tigermilk Collective

Vancouver has 36,546 parking stalls. 20,006 of those stalls are used by hard-working citizens who have purchased a monthly parking pass. 15,104 of those stalls are numbered and have had the same occupant for 10 years or more. 11,025 of those stalls come with a view of the downtown city skyline.

Company Bio

Since 2004 the members of TigerMilk Collective have been working together as collaborators. We have produced our original works Stupid Little Girls (2006), Water Cycles (2008) for The Cultch’s Eco Art and Science Symposium and You’re Invited (2010) for Hive 3. Some of our other productions include, Hospital City (2005) and the Jessie nominated, House of KOSA (2009), both written by company member Miranda Huba and directed by TigerMilk’s Olivia Delachanal. In 2008 Exit Commander Kitty by members Lindsay Reoch and Stephanie Hayes was directed by Lindsay Reoch. Co-Artistic Directors, Lindsay Drummond and Kirsten Slenning have performed in these TigerMilk productions, including our piece Both Are Me for Bridge Mix last year. We stretch ourselves and our audiences through execution of our theatrical ideas. Find out more at

Participating Artists

Lindsay Drummond, Kirsten Slenning, Nick Hunnings, Tony Massil & David Mesiha.

Spectral Theatre

When the zombie-pocalypse comes, hard decisions will have to be made, like choosing between the girl who you’re with and the girl who loves you…

Company Bio

Founded in the winter of 2002 by writer/painter Blake Drezet and actor/director Des Hussey, Spectral Theatre is dedicated to producing dynamic theatrical works which awaken the imagination and challenge the mind. Spectral Theatre seeks to breathe new life into the rotting corpse of live theatre by thrilling audiences with fantastic stories delivered in unpredictable and innovative ways. By exploring a diversity of themes, Spectral Theatre endeavours to bring its love of spectacle to the stage; to deliver strange and wonderful tales, rich in flavour.

Participating Artists

Written by Chris Schonfeldt

Directed by Michael Cope

Cast will be rotating


Slam Ink Presents More Than Words

Conceived by Nathan Szymanski and Duncan Paterson, and created collaboratively by this fine city’s most “enthusiastic” dancers, More Than Words shows the possibilities a directionless young man sees in the cityscape by using awesome songs and better moves.  If that doesn’t tell you anything then please refer to the title again.

Company Bio

In 1990, Slam Ink was a comic imprint founded by an eight-year-old.  Its flagship title was “Strike Force” – a group made up of blatant rip-offs of the world’s most popular superheroes.  None of the self-published “publications” from that period got any further than the doorway of the bedroom they were created in and their whereabouts can forever be considered “unknown”. . .that’s a promise.

Now, twenty-one years later, Slam Ink focuses on creating comic (the other definition of the homonym) works and doing whatever necessary to get them out of the rooms they were written in.


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