Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Kyle Sutherland

Posted on Aug 4, 2010

Tomorrow is the Robin Hood preview. We’ve spent the past few days doing tech and dress rehearsals. A big part of this has been hauling many set pieces up and down a giant hill. This has brought our awesome set designer Kyle Sutherland to mind.

Mr. Kyle Sutherland

Kyle Sutherland is ITSAZOO’s newest Designer in Residence.  He designs the sets and props for the majority of our shows.  He’s magic.  He is the king of taking a little and making a lot out of it.  Kyle is the King of “Yah sure, I can do that.”

For example- Me: ‘Hey Kyle, do you think you could build a full set that can convert to 4 very different venues that can also fit in to a one ton van and be set up in an hour by 10 people who have no idea what they’re doing for $200?’ Kyle: ‘Yah sure, I could do that.’

The awesome thing is that when he says he’ll do it he actually does.

With Robin Hood he had the challenge of building various pieces of set that looked like they were built out of garbage, that were light, functional and easy to haul around a park 5 days a week.

Here’s an example of one of the great sets he built.

Me'Hey Kyle, can you build a kitchen in a park?' Kyle 'Yah sure, I could do that'

He also had the challenge of building set pieces out of shopping carts.  To see that and all of the other sweet bits Kyle has created (including the most ridiculous video camera you’ll ever witness) you’ll have to come to the show…

Pay-What-You-Can Preview tomorrow, August 4 at 7PM

Opening August 5 at 7PM

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