And That’s a Wrap Folks

Posted on Nov 2, 2011

ITSAZOO is wrapping up 9 months of consistent productions. Chairs: A Parable on tour, Bridge Mix, Chairs at The Neanderthal Festival, Stay Away From My Boat @$$hole at the Fringe and then Debts. It has been a VERY busy time. We feel super proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ve grown as artists and as a company and feel great to be wrapping up the busiest period in ITSAZOO history with a very successful run of Debts.

But to be honest we’re tired, really tired. The Co-Artistic Directors have had some great chats recently and we’ve decided it’s time to turn our focus to fundraising and development for the next few months. Big things are in the works for the spring and the summer. We’re going to take a bit of time away from production and come back with more rigor, creativity, energy and general awesomeness.

We want to thank all of you for your fantastic support. So many people put countless hours in to our shows these past 9 months and so many more people came out to see the shows. During Debts we asked every person who bought a ticket how they heard about the show. Guess what they said? The vast majority said “I love ITSAZOO, I see everything you do”. What!!? That was such a pleasant and wonderful surprise. We have a support network and a large group of people who see everything we do. That really feels good, what we’re doing is being seen and being appreciated.

It is with all of these feelings in mind that we are ready to rest, get rejuvenated, write, study, create, learn, fundraise and come back in the spring with some more fantastic ITSAZOO theatre.

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