10×10 in the words of Mr Anderson

Posted on Apr 21, 2011

Cameron Anderson is one of the artistic associates with ITSAZOO.  He’s a super talented performing and just all around creative guy.  He’s been in a number of ITSAZOO Productions, most recently Man 2 in Chairs: A Parable. Cam came up with the idea for 10×10 and has been the one making it all happen for the past 3 years.  We have another one coming up on April 29 at Spectral Theatre so in anticipation of that here’s a post about 10×10 by the one and only Mr Cameron Anderson:

You know you’re at a unique theatrical event when the co-host takes his dick out.  Well, not that unique.  I’m pretty sure I saw JeffGladstone’s dick at the last Here Be Monsters event.  Also, I know I saw at least the side of one of the Cross Eyed Bear’s package a couple 10×10’s ago.  So, I guess we don’t have the market corned in that area.  HOWEVER, 10×10 is still quite a unique theatrical event.

People are always asking me to describe 10×10, and so far, the best I
can come up with is, ‘a talent show for grown-ups’, although I’m also
partial to, ‘a garage sale of theatrical insanity’.  So, what is
10×10, really?  Well, it’s an easy way to exploit up and coming
performers.  No, wait!  It’s a showcase for some of the best young
talent Vancouver has to offer.  Actually, more than anything, it’s a
time constraint.  See, the thing about 10×10 is that we have very few
rules.  Anything you can squeeze into a ten minute limit, you can
perform, so long as it’s original.  I don’t care if you’re the zombie
Shakespeare, if you start busting out that soliloquy from The Tempest
that you’ve just been dying to show off, we’re not for you.  On the
other hand, if you’ve got a home-made puppet show based on repressed
childhood emotions featuring over the top violence and swearing, well,
hop aboard the crazy train to awesome town, we’d love to take you for
a ride!  Things get a little nuts at 10×10.  That puppet show you
think I just made up?  Volume 7.

We’ve got another one coming up at the end of the month, and it’s
already looking like a blast.  I can’t promise any frontal nudity, but
I wont rule it out, either.  So come on down!  I guarantee you’ll see
something you’ve never seen before.  And you’ll have fun.  And you’ll
meet people.  And you’ll be supporting some brilliant young artists
with your hand clapping and hushed awe.

Show at 9pm, $5 at the door and loads of cheap beer and wine. Hope to see you at Spectral on April 29!

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