The Week before Opening

Posted on Oct 15, 2011

There is nothing quite like the rush a week before opening, especially on a site specific show. This is when problem solving becomes the term of the day. Things that should be simple never seem to work quite right and things that you never thought could work somehow fall in to place. There is always […]

The Haughty Mr. Poe

Posted on Oct 8, 2011

A guest blog post by Mr. Mack Gordon, Playwright and Director for Debts When approaching the stories of Edgar Allan Poe for adaptation, I came across a frequent stumbling block. His tales are rich in atmosphere and dense with theme but often have little to no narrative action. The Telltale Heart mostly revolves around a man explaining […]

Trusting Others

Posted on Oct 4, 2011

Up until now ITSAZOO has had a pretty concrete system when it came to producing shows.  Sebastien would write them, Chelsea would direct them and Colby, Sebastien and some of the other crew would act in them.  We have kept it very much in-house.  Debts is the first time that we have handed over the […]

It’s Been Forever

Posted on Sep 28, 2011

Hello!  It has been far too long since we’ve written a blog post.  It’s been a crazy summer with Neanderthal, then Fringe and now preparing for Debts. There just hasn’t been time to write.  But we’re back now and we promise to post more often. Rehearsals and preparations for our most recent site-specific promenade show […]


Posted on Jul 19, 2011

Various high profile members of the Vancouver theatre community expressed a variety of emotions today, ranging from concern to outrage to condemnation, in response to a soon to be mounted Theatre for Young Audiences version of the Dadaist classic, The Gas Heart.”This is an assault on our art form on every conceivable level”, said Will […]

This Just In…

Posted on Jul 15, 2011

TZARA ANGERED OVER LOCAL THEATRE COMPANY’S ADAPTATION Local Vancouver theatre company, Gas Heart Theatre, came under fire once again this week, this time from the high-profile playwright whose script they are producing. Tristan Tzara, author of The Gas Heart, which is being produced by the company of the same name as part of this summer’s […]

A Blossoming Community

Posted on Jun 27, 2011

Two years ago Enlightenment Theatre and ITSAZOO started brainstorming the idea of an event that brought together many of the young emerging theatre companies in Vancouver.  we wanted to provide exposure, artistic opportunities and to share audiences but most importantly we wanted to create an event that cemented our community of emerging artists and fostered […]

What a night!

Posted on Jun 16, 2011

What a night! We cancelled our show, knowing we couldn’t compete with Game 7. But we couldn’t afford to loose the revenue and we had the space and the liquor license sooooo…we held the first (and probably last) Rooftop Post-Game Parkade Party!!! We fired up our mega-speakers and charged up the vibe with danceable beats […]

It’s all about Beer! Phillips Beer!

Posted on Jun 14, 2011

ITSAZOO Productions and Enlightenment Theatre are proud to announce Phillips Brewery as the official beer sponsor of Bridge Mix 2011!!! As you wander the parkade, marvelling at the unique, varied, and engaging performance installations that Bridge Mix has to offer you’ll notice you’re being followed…by a Roving Bar. That’s right, our bar-on-wheels follows the audience as the […]

The First week

Posted on Jun 11, 2011

The first week of Bridge Mix is almost over and it’s been a great one.  Big houses on preview and opening and then no house on Friday because of game 5 but this resulted in an impromptu awesome rooftop party.  Tonight is our first Saturday with live music on the roof.  The performer tonight is […]

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